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FAQ About Fangirlasia’s Partner Program

For the longest time now, the company has been receiving inquiries on how people can start selling Fangirlasia’s goods, or how fans can apply for a post at the store that has become a premier source of their necessities. With the brand successfully growing and making its way to mainstream pages, more and more people are hoping to become a part of the family that has made so many perks and merchandises in fanboys’ and fangirls’ reach. So to make it easier for everyone, we decided to put up a page for your Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Is there a fee for becoming a partner?

No fees. No capital  required for all aspiring partners.


2. What are the requirements to become a partner?

You need to be at least 16 years of age. That’s it. ^_^


3. How can I be a part of the Partner Program?

You can send us an email at partners@fangirlasia.com and we will email the details, perks and benefits of partnership.


4. Can FCs (fanclubs) also participate in the Partner Program.

 Yes, of course. We encourage fanclubs to send in their representatives. We will also be discussing how your organizations can avail of more discounts from our store by purchasing goods in bulk.


***We will update this post regularly if we receive more questions. You can also email us for any other inquiries.



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