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Terms and Conditions


In this page, the terms and conditions that govern the supply of us of any merchandise ordered by you on our web store are outlined.  By agreeing to order merchandise, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.


1.      Definition of Terms


  •          ACCOUNT means the account that you will need to create so that you can place an order from the site.

  •          ACKNOWLEDGEMENT means an email acknowledging that we have received your order. 

  •          BANKING DAYS means a weekday wherein Philippine banks are open for any transaction including withdrawal and deposit of money.

  •          CONFIRMATION OF ORDER – means an email confirming that we accept your order and the payment that you sent in via the methods we mentioned as acceptable.

  •          FANGIRLS/FANBOYS means you, our customer who places orders at our web store.

  •          ONHAND means the merchandise ordered has a physical stock at our office and may be sent out within 2-3 days upon receipt of payment.

  •          PREORDER means the merchandise is not physically available but may be ordered from our supplier as soon as we receive the order form.


2.      Your Profile

  •          Fangirls and Fanboys must be at least 18 years old and possess the capability to pay for their purchase through a valid credit/debit card, or any of the methods that we mentioned as acceptable.

  •          All users of our web store must register an account at www.fangirlasia.com to be able to use the site in full.


3.      Your Order

  •          Once you fill up an order page, give delivery instructions and accept a delivery of an order, you have unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions governing sale of merchandise on this web store.

  •          No other terms and conditions or changes shall be made unless we agreed in writing via email or printed document signed by our General Manager.

  •          You must follow the instructions for ordering when making an order at our web store. 

  •          We will only accept orders made from our web store.  We cannot accept orders sent in via text message, message from our social media site like Facebook or Twitter, or via email.

  •          When you checkout of our web store, you will be notified how much your total order is in Philippine peso.  All prices on the web store are referenced in Philippine currency.

  •          After you have completed the checkout process, you will receive a CONFIRMATION of your order via email.  This confirmation will include your order number which will be the reference of future communication regarding your order.

  •          You shall pay for the merchandise you ordered within 3 banking days from the date you submitted your order.  Payment may be made through direct deposit to any Metrobank branch, GCash Mobile Phone payments, remittance via LBC or Western Union Money Transfer and Paypal.

  •          The price of our merchandise on the web store is accurate and up to date.  However, if the price of the merchandise changes while your order is in process, we will inform you about the price change and confirm with you if you will continue with your order at the amended price.


4.      Delivery

  •          Customers are advised if their items are on hand and may be delivered within the next 2-3 days via courier.  Unless otherwise advised and payment is sent, fangirls and fanboys who order and pay only for the merchandise shall have the obligation to pick up their order from our business address.

  •          As your orders are handled by the courier company, we cannot guarantee a fixed delivery date.  We can only ship and send the tracking number of the shipment.

  •          Fangirlasia shall not be liable for losses, damages that may arise of the delivery process. 

  •          Items for pick-up that have not been collected by the customer after two (2) months shall be charged storage fee of Php 50 per month.  If after twelve (12) months the item has not been picked up, Fangirlasia will consider the item as unnecessary inventory and will auction off the items to interested parties.


5.      Unavailability of Merchandise

  •          Asian entertainment merchandise has very limited supply at source.  Our web store are updated with out of stock items as often as possible however in the event that the merchandise ordered becomes unavailable for any reason i.e. sold out at source, out of print, etc., we will inform you immediately and offer you other products in the web store.


6.      Refunds

  •          With reference to Item #5 above, in the event that a merchandise becomes unavailable at the time or order and payment, a store refund will be given.

  •          The store refund is a coupon made out to the amount of the order that became unavailable that you will apply once you find a merchandise to replace them or the original ordered item becomes available again.

  •          Any amount in excess of the store refund coupon shall be paid upon checkout.

  •          If the amount purchased by the store refund coupon is less than the amount of the coupon, no refund or residual credit shall be given and the coupon shall be deemed used/availed.


7.      Cancellation

  •          If after the payment period, no payment has been made; your order will be cancelled.  An email will be sent to remind you of payment and subsequently to inform you of your order cancellation.

  •          If after you submitted your order, you realized that you made a mistake, please email fan_inquiries@fangirlasia.com  immediately.  However, we cannot promise to amend your orders.  As we are dedicated to our Fangirls and Fanboys, we commit to try as hard as we can.


8.      Defective Merchandise

  •          Our merchandise are usually packed and sealed when shipped from our supplier.  We therefore have no control over the content and condition of the product once opened.

  •          However, we will try as much as we can to replace a defective product if our supplier is also willing to replace it and/or found that Fangirlasia is responsible for the defect.

  •          Defective items must be reported and returned within 7 working days upon receipt or pick-up of item otherwise we will not honor claims.


9.      Promotional Vouchers/Gift Checks

  •          Fangirls and Fanboys may use promotional vouchers and gift checks to pay for merchandise ordered.  Promotional vouchers have validity dates for use while gift checks may be used any time.

  •          Voucher numbers must be entered during the checkout process.

  •          Gift Certificates must be signed at the back by authorized Fangirlasia staff otherwise it will not be honored.

10.   Unclaimed Merchandise

  • Unclaimed merchandise stored in our office for 12 months will be forfeited and auctioned off. 

11.  Circumstances beyond our Control

  •          We will not be liable to delivery delays in events beyond our control such as calamities, national emergencies and the like.

  •          We will endeavor however to serve orders as soon as practicable.


12.  Amendments to the terms and conditions on this site

  •          We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and will be posted at our web store.  Continued use of the site however, shall be deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

  •          Terms and conditions in this site is as of January 2012.


13.  Availability of the Website

  •          We try as much as we can to ensure that our web store is available at all times.  However, down/offline times are expected and we advise our Fangirls and Fanboys to be aware of this and expect this.

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